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This is our new-look web presence, on a new hosting provider. The previous site was getting a bit old-looking and in need of a refresh, but the version of Joomla! couldn't be readily upgraded. That led to the decision to not only start the site from scratch, but to also move to an Isle of Man based service provider.


Manx Repeaters is hosted by Netcetera, located next to Ronaldsway Airport in the south of the island. For those who are interested, the web hosting is Linux-based, running Joomla! 3.6.5 and this time, I plan to keep it up-to-date. The site template is the "Boot Pro" template from JoomlaShine.

If you are a user of our repeaters, please consider contributing to the running costs.   See the IOMARS blog site for details on how to contact the treasurer. Alternatively, contact the repeater keeper at the link above. Our policy on contributions can be found Here.
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Isle of Man FM Repeaters




Our single-site VHF repeater.   A Multi-site system of interlinked FM repeaters
Site: Snaefell   GB3IM-S Snaefell GB3IM-R Bride GB3IM-C Douglas GB3IM-P Peel
TX: 145.625MHz   433.125MHz  430.825MHz  430.825MHz  430.875MHz
RX: 145.025MHz   434.725MHz 438.425MHz  430.825MHz  438.475MHz 
CTCSS: 110.9Hz   110.9Hz 71.9Hz  110.9Hz   110.9Hz
ERP: 20 Watts   20 Watts  5 Watts  5 Watts  5 Watts
Antenna: Procomm CXL 2/70C   Procomm CXL 2/70C Diamond X30 SA460 Diamond X30
Height: 3 Metres AGL   3 Metres AGL 8 Metres AGL 4 Metres AGL 30 Metres AGL
AllStar Node: -   2480 2481 2482 2484
EchoLink -   464453    


Isle of Man DMR Repeaters


GB7CA - Carnane

GB7BR - Bride

TX: 430.925MHz (RU74)
RX: 438.525MHz
Colour Code: 2 3
Antenna: SA460 Diamond X50
Height: 3 Metres 8 Metres
DMR-MARC ID: 235601 235602
Talkgroups: Manx DMR Talkgroups
Isle of Man Users: Manx DMR Registrations
Monitoring: Activity Monitor Activity Monitor


Manx Repeaters Site Map

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