A Multi-site system of interlinked repeaters and part-time simplex nodes

  Snaefell Bride Douglas

(Not Yet Operational)

TX: 433.125MHz 430.825MHz 430.825MHz 430.875MHz
RX: 434.725MHz 438.425MHz 438.425MHz 438.475MHz
CTCSS: 110.9Hz 71.9Hz 110.9Hz 110.9
E.R.P. : 20 Watts 5 Watts 5 Watts 5 Watts
Antenna: Procomm CXL 2/70C SA460 SA460 SA460
Height: 3M AGL 6M AGL 6M AGL 3M AGL
Allstar Node 2480 2481 2482 2484
Echolink 464453

GB3IM began life as a co-habitant with GB3GD on the summit of Snaefell.

Following a protracted period of downtime caused by antenna failures, the group decided to look at options to keeping the island connected but which did not rely upon Snaefell.

The result was a project to set-up and internet link three repeaters in strategic locations on the island. All three repeaters are controlled and linked using the AllStar Link software, masterminded by Jim Dixon, WB6NIL.

The AllStar software also provides us with an EchoLink gateway, giving us the best of both worlds.

We do not have (and never will have) any facility to interface with IRLP.

The Notice of Variation for the new internet-linked repeaters was issued on 26th March 2008.


GB3IM-S Snaefell is our key site, filling-in many local grey areas and also giving coverage of the coastline of the surrounding countries (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).
GB3IM-R Located in the North of the island, this site gives coverage in areas inaccessible to Snaefell, particularly the section of the T.T. course between Sulby and Ramsey.
GB3IM-C Just to the south of Douglas is Carnane, a hilltop with a great view to the south and west. This location allows us to add coverage to many areas that are not well served by Snaefell.
IOMHUB - Node 2483 The focal point at which all three nodes are interlinked. This is the entry point for Echolink connections

It is recommended that users connecting from outside the network should connect to 2483 (IOMHUB).

Polite request to EchoLink users:

When you make a connection to our node it triggers a voice announcement of your presence. Since we know you're there, please be good enough to listen for a while and also, since you've joined us, why not make a call?

It takes a few seconds for the announcement to complete, about as long as you would normally wait before joining any other QSO so please - listen on the channel for at least 15 seconds before making a call. If you don't your call will compete with the voice announcement, and you will probably lose!


GB3IM-C (Carnane) Images

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