Isle of Man DMR Talkgroups

The following talkgroups are assigned to the Isle of Man DMR repeaters at the UK Phoenix Bridge:

Timeslot 1 Timeslot 2
TG Function TG Function
9 Local Secondary 9 Local Primary
1 Worldwide 801  South East
(AK, AS, CK, CF, CL, CT, EK, EP, EX, GF, HA, HR, IK, LO, NS, SC, SE, SK, TH, WL, WS)
2 Europe


South West
(AV, BK, CT, EL, FI, IT, KM, SU, TC, WL, WW)

13 Worldwide English 820 North-West
This is our "Home Region"

(BR, CA, FO, HM, LP, MB, MR, PN, UZ)

80 User Activated UK-wide 1


(CT, FW & SK)
81 User Activated UK-wide 2


East of England
(AL, CL, CT, DS, FU, HA, MK, ND, PE, PY, SK, WS)
113 User Activated Worldwide English 1 850 Scotland
(Currently No Repeaters)
119 User Activated Worldwide Any Language 1  860 North East England
(HS, HX, LE, RE, RV, TD)
123  User Activated Worldwide English 2 870

Wales and Marches
(HM, PN)
129 User Activated Worldwide Any Language2 880 Northern Ireland (OM, HB, LY, UL)


UK Wide

9990 Echo Back for Audio Test
822 User Activated Special link between
CA, BR and PN
2351 User Activated YSF CQ-UK Wires-X Link    
4400 User activated to DMR+ reflector 4400.
10 minute timeout


The authoritiative list of UK talkgroups can be found here.

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