Isle of Man DMR Talkgroups

The following talkgroups are assigned to the Isle of Man DMR repeaters at the DV-Scotland Bridge:

Timeslot 1 Timeslot 2
TG Function TG Function
9 Local Secondary 8/1 Northern Ireland Cluster
1 Worldwide Calling 9 Local Primary
2 Europe Calling


 South East
(AK, AS, CK, CF, CL, CT, EK, EP, EX, GF, HA, HR, IK, LO, NS, SC, SE, SK, TH, WL, WS)

3 North America Calling 810 South West
(AV, BK, CT, EL, FI, IT, KM, SU, TC, WL, WW)
10 Worldwide German Calling 820 North-West
This is our "Home Region"

(BR, CA, FO, HM, LP, MB, MR, PN, UZ)

13 Worldwide English 830 Midlands
(CT, FW & SK)
20 EU German Speaking


East of England
(AL, CL, CT, DS, FU, HA, MK, ND, PE, PY, SK, WS)
80 User Activated UK-wide 1


East of England Special Link
81 User Activated UK-wide 2


East of England Special Link
82 User Activated UK-wide 3


East of England Special Link
83 User Activated UK-wide 4 860 North East England
(HS, HX, LE, RE, RV, TD)
84 User Activated UK-wide 5 870 Wales and Marches
(HM, PN)
87 Blind Hams 880 Northern Ireland (OM, HB, LY, UL)
113 User Activated Worldwide English 1 2724 Irish Bridge
119 User Activated Worldwide Any Language 1  9990 Echo Back for Audio Test
123  User Activated Worldwide English 2 23555 Scotland Calling
129 User Activated Worldwide Any Language2 23556 Multimode



23557 Scotland East


UK Wide

23558 Scotland North
237 CQ-WW 23559 Scotland West
822 User Activated Special link between
CA, BR and PN
2350 Brandmeister UK Calling    
2351 User Activated YSF CQ-UK Wires-X Link    
2355 Brandmeister Scotland Wide    
2721 Irish Calling    
2722 Irish Chat 1    
2723 Irish Chat 2    
23526 Hubnet    
23531 Brandmeister Raynet UK    
23550 Scotland Chat    


The authoritiative list of UK talkgroups can be found here.

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