A single-site repeater, and our oldest at more than 35 years of age!


GB3GD First Came on-air at 19:00
on 31st January 1985








20 Watts


Procomm CXL 2/70C


3 Metres AGL




Site Information

Snaefell Mountain is the home of GB3GD, our 2-metre repeater.

We have operated from this site for well over 35 years.

The site shown, which houses our systems, is owned by the Isle of Man Government and is one of two radio sites on the mountain top; the other being operated by the UK’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS).

Technical Information

The basis of GB3GD is a Philips FX5000 base station. The radio is basically unmodified but the control logic, designed by GD4HOZ, has been “grafted” into the radio to take over control from its internal logic.


The radio has a 50 watt P.A. and, since we are licenced to radiate 25w ERP, it is backed-off to about 30w out. This means that it has a very relaxed time of things and no additional cooling is required.

The Duplexer is manufactured by Sinclair and, in common with most 2-metre amateur band duplexers, is of the notch filter variety.


The Procomm Antenna in its temporary location at 3 Metres above ground. (Click for larger image)


Snaefell Images

(note that the pictures are stored at their original resolution and may take a little time to download)

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