Here are some text messages received via DMR over the past few months. They were received by means of DSDPlus and an RTL SDR dongle.

This goes to show the variety of ways in which the network is being used (and abused) and highlights the fact that DMR text messages are NOT private!!.

My annotations are in [ square brackets ] - It had to be doneĀ 

2015/09/29 09:50:02 TMS; Tgt=1 Src=2352096 "Good Morning"

2015/10/18 15:18:07 TMS; Tgt=2352791 Src=2352080 "Thank You For Your Help testing the antenna"

2015/10/19 21:56:57 TMS; Tgt=2352808 Src=2352525 "bored" [You need a hobby]

2015/10/21 14:25:44 TMS; Tgt=2352791 Src=2352737 "Such A Nice Boy"

2015/10/21 14:28:10 TMS; Tgt=2352080 Src=2352737 "Get Your Willy Out " [NOTE: This was sent 4 times - persistent, or what?]

2015/10/30 22:53:46 TMS; Tgt=2352293 Src=2352293 "boo" [Ooh, scared me]

2015/11/04 16:30:12 TMS; Tgt=2351112 Src=2352837 "I have good news about Frank" [That's nice!]

2015/11/05 13:51:03 TMS; TG=628 Src=2352439 "Hello matey.Raing here.Bert" [It is raining not here also!!]

2015/11/15 09:22:08 TMS; Tgt=2352837 Src=2352618 "bit breezy"

2015/11/15 09:23:03 TMS; Tgt=2352618 Src=2352837 "sure is"

2015/11/16 13:25:04 TMS; TG=16777215 Src=2351482 "TEA TIME "

2015/11/17 12:03:42 TMS; TG=2352894 Src=2352439 "Hello got ur ears on? B" [Bloomin' CB-ers!!]

[And another LID sending broadcast texts but listening on a local slot!]
2015/11/28 12:58:59 TMS; TG=9 Src=2351020 "Hi de G8NDT/M Noel QRV on TG9 S2 Local. Any one out there? "

2015/12/25 18:52:14 TMS; Tgt=2351022 Src=2351672 "sex" [Don't mind if I do]

2015/12/26 17:08:07 TMS; TG=9 Src=2351022 "Happy WInterville to all on dmr 73 Noel g8ndt " [AAArrrggghhhh!!!!!!]

2015/12/27 02:47:18 TMS; Tgt=2354028 Src=2314001 "Good evening! what are You trying to do at GB7EE? private calls are not supported by DMR MARC UK I guess. stefan"

2016/01/05 16:14:11 TMS; Tgt=2352796 Src=2021008 "Hi Keith, when we send private messages can others view them? 73 de SV1UY" [Guess what!]

2016/01/07 13:01:19 TMS; Tgt=2352796 Src=2021008 "Hi Keith, I am at Pitcher and Piano for a pint and a bite. Had a nice walk in the rain. Haven't done this for donkeys." [We'll be right there- your round]

2016/01/10 16:02:38 TMS; Tgt=2352463 Src=2352465 "Cake***" [NOW you're talking!]

2016/01/14 19:57:58 TMS; Tgt=2341252 Src=2341245 "I am on the air" [So you are]

2016/01/23 13:20:25 TMS; Tgt=2341503 Src=2352967 "Hi ant its dad" [Dec can't come to the radio just now]

2016/01/23 14:29:26 TMS; TG=1 Src=2351722 "talk group 666 wassat ?" [You NEVER want to go there!!!]

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